Music from Awkward: Season 4, Episode 16

Featured Artist:  Hellogoodbye


Sophie Koh – “Lip Syncing”
Jenna brings Tamara hot chocolate

Dearly Beloved – “To Better Days”
Guys are fighting over Dude Datebase

Hellogoodbye – “The Magic Hour is Now”
Mini golf double date

Bernhoft feat. Jill Scott – “No Us No Them”
Jake is a stud plumber

Joey Sykes – “The A Lister Rises”
Mini golf double date. The competition concludes

OneGirlOneBoy – “Wasted”
Jenna and Tamara get into an argument infront of Owen

Frances Cone – “Wiser”
Matty confronts Gabby after mini golf

Ourlives – “Blissful Ignorance”
Jenna and Tamara make a scene

Wild Child – “Crazy Bird”
Jenna and Tamara are feeling better

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