Music from Awkward: Season 3 Finale


Featured Artist: Jessie Ware


Eliza Hull – “Echoes”
Jenna reels from Matty asking Bailey to prom

Enerate – “Unstoppable”
Jenna disappears into a book

Bleached – “Dead in Your Head”
Val gives Jenna advice / People gossip about Jenna and Matty

Tashaki Miyaki  – “Keep Me In Mind”
Jenna approaches Matty about needing a date to prom

Au Palais – “Blue Lights”
Jenna blogs about not wanting to write her paper

Hayden Calnin – “Shutters”
Jenna talks to Bailey about Matty and the prom

Nudity – “Deals”
Matty talks to Jake about their tuxes

DROOOM – “Midnight March”
Tamara and Ming get ready for prom in Jenna’s bedroom

Lightning Dust  – “Never Again”
Jenna comes across her Mom’s letter

Emily King – “Ordinary Heart”
Lacey and Jenna talk about their past

DWNTWN – “See My Eyes”
Kids dance at the prom / Sadie kisses Austin

Thrust – “Happy Call”
Lisa introduces JC to Sadie

GoMute – “Hush Hush”
Jake and Tamara join the others at the table and talk about Matty’s nervousness

Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moments”
Matty and Jenna slow dance

Sunn  – “Superman (Pit Bailay Dance remix)”
Everyone heads to the dance floor as Jenna watches

Passion Pit – “Moth’s Wings”
Mr. Hard reads Jenna’s paper

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