Music from Awkward: Season 3, Episode 19


Featured Artist: Glowbug


Braves – “Heartslur II”
Jenna, Bailey and Matty remark about Matty’s fake ID

Vic and Gab  – “Call Me When You Can”
Matty walks with Jenna, sees prom tickets for sale

Tashaki Miyaki  – “Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin'”
Matty asks Jake, Tamara and Jenna about asking someone to prom

Steed Lord – “One On One”
Tamara talks to the dress store clerk

Lindbergh Palace – “1986”
Ming tells Jenna and T about the incident in the dressing room; Jenna talks to Bailey and Sadie

Glowbug – “Heatwave”
Various people say what Val has done to help them

Small Black – “Breathless”
Matty and Bailey try to fix the t-shirts

Louise Burns – “Emerald’s Shatter”
Jenna sees prom tickets fall out of Matty’s pocket; she tells Tamara he’s asking her to prom

Old Man Canyon – “Take Me Higher”
Ming and Fred make out in the car and wonder about their future

New Found Land – “The Hunter”
Jenna thinks Matty is going to ask her to prom



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