Music from Awkward: Season 3, Episode 18


Featured Artist: Hunter Hunted


The Blue and Greys – “Let’s Go”
Lacey shows up with Jenna at school to be the nurse

New Found Land – “Down WHere I Belong”
Jenna meets Bailey in Val’s empty office

Hannah Georgas – “Fantasize”
Jenna makes friends with Bailey

Jupiter – “One O Six”
The boys lineup to see Lacey as the nurse

The Generationals – “Awake”
Jenna talks to Hunter outside the classroom, decides to invite herself to Matty’s party

Hunter Hunted – “Keep Together”
Jenna pulls up to the party

Def Conz – “Wiggle It”
Jenna talks to Tamara and Ming at Matty’s party

Brett – “Confidence”
Jenna talks to Bailey and Matty at the party

Gigamesh – “All My Life”
Sadie tries to seduce Austin

Nudity – “LIfe U Up”
Jenna sees Hunter kiss Matty, asks Tamara and Ming to leave

Heloise & The Savoir Faire – “Perelandra”
Ausin and Sadie make out

Misun – “Sharpshooter”
Jenna talks to Jake, then kisses him

Daily Bread – “She Spider”
Tamara and Jake make up

DWNTWN – “Stood Me Up”
Jenna cleans up, makes breakfast, and apologizes.

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