Music from Awkward: Season 3, Episode 14


Featured Artist: Blake Hazard

blake hazard

Beach FossilsSleep Apnea
Scene: Collin and Jenna get caught smoking in his car.

The Delta RiggsFiend
Scene: Val lays music in her car when she drops off Sadie.

Beginners: Who Knows
Scene: Collin comes on to Jenna at school.

Abi WadeStability
Scene: Jenna decides to stop talking to her friends.

These Machines Are Winning: Get A Little Closer
Scene: Collin comes to Jenna’s room to make out.

Blake HazardDeliberate Plans
Scene: Jenna blogs in her room.

Black Forest Fire: Live News Feed
Scene: Jenna talks about the problems with her friends to Collin as he tries to make out with her.

Scene: Sadie’s mom tells her and Ally how she has been living.

FauntsWhat I’d Love To Hear You Say
Scene: Jenna decides to sleep with Collin and has regrets afterwards.

New Found LandOnly My Winnings
Scene: Sadie confronts her mom about having to move; Jenna walks to her friends.

FoxygenIn The Darkness
Scene: Jenna leaves school with Collin.