Music from the Awkward Season 2 Premiere

Featured Artist: I Break Horses

AwkwardAirdate: June 28, 2012

 League – Hyperflowers

(Previously On Awkward)

Nat Jay – Green Trees Red Hearts

(scene: Jenna blogs on Christmas Eve)

The Transients – Hey You!

(scene: Jenna Arrives at Matty’s New Year’s Eve Party)

Tiger Baby – Heart Of Stone

(scene: Lissa apologizes to Jenna)

Girls Love Shoes  – Insecurity

(scene: Lissa tells of Sadie, Jenna overhears Matty and Jake)

Summer Fiction – Christmas Eve For Two

(scene: Jenna Talks to Matty in the Garage)

Phantogram – Don’t Move

(scene: Jake tlaks to Tamra about Jenna and Ricky)

Picture Book – Strangers

(scene: Jenna pretends to look for a cat, talks to Lissa)

MIDI Mafia – Ayeyo

(scene: Jenna walks out of the party, gets into Val’s car)

I Break Horses – Winter Beats

(scene: New Year’s Countdown and Kiss)

Kye Kye – Trees And Trust

(scene: Matty talks to Sadie his Garage)

Drexler – To The Walls

(scene: Tamara, Lissa, and Clark give their new year’s resolutions)

Midi Mafia – Bass

(scene: Matty passes out while Kissing Sadie)

Pop Levi – Strawberry Shake

(scene: Tamara talks to Ricky’s Grandmother on the phone)

Imperial Mammoth – Left Behind

(scene: Jake and Jenna talk in Jenna’s Living Room)

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