Music from Awkward Episode 9 Season 3


Featured Artist:  The Blues and Greys

Awkward – Airdate: June 4, 2013

Maurice – Baby

(scene: Matty plays a sexy song for Jenna)

Still Corners – Fireflies

(scene: Jenna fantasizes about Collin’s touch)

The Blues and Greys – Bright Lights

(scene: Jenna is having trouble writing her paper)

Shadow Shadow – 1000001

(scene: Jenna writes a fantasy about being with Matty at camp)

Shadow Shadow – Riviera

(scene: Fred says Goodbye to Ming)

Daily Bread – Allure

(scene: Jenna decides to confront Collin) – Addict

(scene: Jenna blogs about her guilt and rejection)

Still Corners – The Trip

(scene: Jenna blogs about her parents and decides she doesn’t feel guilty)

Waxahatchee – Swan Dive

(scene: Jenna gives Matty her paper, blogs about how long he’s taking to read it and what that means)

MEME – Say Goodbye

(scene: Jenna, in Matty’s room, realizes Matty thinks the paper is about him)

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