Music from Awkward Episode 8 Season 2

Featured Artist: Summer Twins

Awkward – Airdate: August 16, 2012

Jay Ramsey – Boogie Mama

(scene: While people dance at the wedding, Jenna tells Tamara that Jake Broke up with her)

Beat Club – Faces

(scene: Jenna Ciries , Sadie makes fun of her)

Hugh Padgham – Leave A Light

(scene: Valerie announces the first dance)

Tan Vampires – Fake Southern Drawl

(scene: Matty talks to Jake on the phone about the break-up)

Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Ba?rbaro – Boogalo 33

(scene: Lacey and Valerie talk about marriage while watching Ally dance)

Oliver – Dirty Talk

(scene: Tamara tells Jenna that Jake is finished, Tamara has a new admirier, Zach)

Jillian Edwards – Once Should Be Enough

(scene: Lacey and Ben kiss by the pool)

Katie Herzig – Midnight Serenade

(scene: Jenna calls her Dad, Jake ignores Matty’s text, Jenna confronts Ally)

Mates Of State – Sway

(scene: Matty stops making out with Courtney)

Summer Twins – Try

(scene: Kevin sees Lacey dancing with Ben, Jenna walks home from the wedding)

Escort – A Bright New Life

(scene: Ally gets cut of by the bartender, Val and Sadie supply her with more booze)

Accents – Sorrow

(scene: Jenna blogs, someone knocks at her door)

Seeker Lover Keeper  – If The Night Is Dark

(scene: Matty shows up at Jenna’s door)

Sammy Jay – Dance With Me Tonight

(scene: Lacey turns down Ben, Ally reverse worms across the dance floor)

Nicholas Ruth – Believe

(scene: Ricky asks Tamara to dance, Zach saves her)

Tanlines – Nonesuch

(scene: Matty and Jenna talk on her bed about timing)

Chairlift – Take It Out On Me

(scene: Jake looks for Jenna. Matty and Jenna make out on her bed)

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