Music from Awkward Episode 5 Season 3: Tegan And Sara Tapped As Guest Music Supervisors for this Episode

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Featured Guest Music Supervisors: Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are the Guest Music Supervisors for this episode of Awkward.

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Awkward. – Airdate: May 7, 2013

Bearcat – Saudade

(scene: While Jenna and Matty try to make out in her bedroom, Mr. Hamilton removes the doorknob so that they can’t have privacy.  Jenna describes the good and bad of living with Matty)

Night Panther – Fever

(scene: As the girls talk about the disadvantages of Matty living at Jenna’s house, the boys talk about the advantages)

The Courtney’s – 90210

(scene: Matty and Jenna talking in the Kitchen)

Diana – Perpetual Surrender

(scene: Jenna and Matty make out on the couch)

Sucr’e – Say Something

(scene: Liss and Jake talk in Jakes car)

OK Sweetheart – All We Have

(scene: Lacey talks to Matty about being a parent)

Tegan and Sara – I Was a Fool

(scene: After leaving, Matty comes back to Jenna’s bedroom to kiss her)

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