Music from Are You The One?: Season 2 Finale

Are You The One
Featured Artist: Barcelona


Skifonix – “Daytime TV”
After the challenge, the couples head back to the house, Ellie flirts with Nathan.

The DNC – “2 To Tango”
The winning couples from the challenge go on their solo date.

MIIA – “In The Light of Love”
After getting one step closer to winning the one million dollars, the couples celebrate all night.

Jules Larson + AG – “We Were Made To Be Broken”
Everyone jumps in the pool and reflects on their time in the house.

Cameron The Public – “This Ain’t The End”
Pratt and Paris talk about their future plans in the honeymoon suite.

The Beatards – “Tramp”
Layton and Dario work out their issues.

Barcelona – “Background”
The couples find out the results of the final matchup.

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