Music From Are You The One: Season 7, Episode 11

Are You The One?
Featured Artist: The Years

Olivia May – Ruins
Song plays after the MUC.

Veaux – If You Could Feel My Love
Kayla and Cam talk after the MUC.

Fidek – For A Better Day
Tomas and Cali talk about not being a match.

Sofia – Go
The girls talk about strategy.

The Prams – Somebody Else
Song plays as Samantha and Daniel are in the Boom Boom Room.

The Federal – Don’t Say Maybe
Song plays during transition to the house.

The Years – Stranger
Song plays while everyone is at the party.

Rhema Soul x Gawvi – Here We Go Again
Song plays as Cam is dancing.

Konata – Life Of The Party
Song plays while everyone is at the party.

Rusika – Die For You
Daniel comforts Samantha.

The Silverman Brothers – Joyride
Tevin, Kenya, Morgan and Kwasi on 4 wheelers/date.

Tevin and Kenya sit and talk privately while on their date.

Iolite – Spinning
Song plays during the Truth Booth.


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