Music from Are You The One?: Season 4, Episode 7

Are You The One?
Featured Artist: Cub Sport


Lizi Kay – “One Last Kiss”
Previously On

Cub Sport – “I Feel Bad Now”
Show Open

Lizi Kay – “A Million Ways To Be”
Sam and Alyssa talk in the honeymoon suite

Zayde Wolfe – “New Blood”
End of the challenge

Chick Norris – “Stick Up”
Everyone gets to the party

Nate Bosley – “I Want You”
The cast dances, flirts, and has fun at the party

Colours – “Gone”
Victoria talks to Cam about being with other girls

Private Parties – “Feel Better”
Cam and Victoria kiss

The DNC – “Electric”
Everyone comes home from the party

Blue Blazer – “You’re Just Right”
Tori and Morgan drive up the Maui Coast

Golden Grove – “With You”
Tori and Morgan talk on their date

Sam Tinnesz feat Zayde Wolfe – “Man or Monster”
After the matchup ceremony

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