Music from Are You The One?: Season 3 FINALE

Are You The One?
Featured Artist: Vinyl Theatre

VT candid 2

Carousel – “Close My Eyes”
Ryan tells the winners of the challenge about their prize

C-Rev – “Turnt Up”
The couples arrive at the resort

Stop Dead – “Control”
The couples go on the boats and swim on their date

Kari Kimmel – “Best Day”
Zach and Kayla on their date

Vinyl Theatre – “Summer”
Results of the truth booth

The Technicolors – “I’ll Love You Someday”
The cast gets the results of the matchup ceremony

Shane Eli & Campfire – “C’est La Vie”
The cast celebrates the results of the last matchup ceremony

MIIA ft. Brandon Skeie and Chris King  – “Larger than Life”
Finale with the cast

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