Music from Are You The One?: Season 3, Episode 9

Are You The One?
Featured Artist: Northern Faces


Dead Right – “Brand New”
Show Open

Northern Faces – “Dark Days”
Aftermath of the fight

Wrings – “Before I Went Away”
The cast in the house

Amalie Bruun – “Snowstorm”
Mike packs his bags

Despite the Unknown – “Useless”
Cheyenne talks to Mike about the Fight

Kid Runner – “Breaking Away”
Mike leaves the house

Rescue Kid – “Take You Home Tonight”
The couples go on motorcycles for their date

War Stories – “Insecure Boyfriend”
Britni and Hunter talk on their date

Dream Brother – “Uppr Dwnr”
Hannah and Zach on their date

Avec Sans – “The Answer”
End of the matchup ceremony

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