Music from Are You The One?: Season 2, Episode 7

Are You The One?
Featured Artist: FMLYBND


Aaron Sprinkle – “Alright”
The couples are shocked after the matchup reveal.

She Is Ryan – “Follow Me”
The couples all enjoy a date night on a party bus.

Velous – “Pretty Girls”
Alex and Jasmine talk about their potential to be a match.

Olympic Ayres – “Magic”
Tyler tries to make a connection with Garland.

FMLYBND – “Forever”
Everyone gets back to the house from the party bus date.

Hellogoodbye – “Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t”
The morning after date night, Jess and Garland talk about Tyler.

Arveene & Misk – “Bring The House Down”
The housemates discuss what couple they’ll vote for to go into the truthbooth.

Terravita – “Spicy By The Glass”
John and Jenni find out the results of the truthbooth.

TEAM – “Sinking”
The couples are excited about the latest matchup ceremony results.

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