Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5 Premiere!

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Brad Fillatre


 Papermoons – “Heart Over Brain”
Cody comes over to go to the doctor’s office with Maddy

Ian Love – “Refrain”
Maddy and Cody see the ultrasound

Strange Vacation – “Oasis”
Maddy and her dad go out to eat

Our Griffins – “My Cousin, All Grown Up”
Maddy talks bout moving in with Cody

General Ghost – “Are You Living”
Maddy talks to her friends in the park

I Like Trains – “Doves”
Maddy and Cody talk about the last name the baby will have

Dave Thomas Junior – “The Hardest Part”
Maddy has contractions and goes to the hospital

All The Bright Lights – “Immortal Love”
Cody meets Maddy at the hospital

Ryan Darton – “You Are Mine”
Maddy gives birth to her baby, Aubrey

Fevers – “Goodnight”
Maddy goes home from the hospital

Faces on Film – “Bad Star”
Maddy talks about having to take care of Aubrey by herself

Maps for Sleep – “Division Day”
Maddy’s friends comes over to see Aubrey

National Skyline – “In My Place”
Cody tells his mom where Maddy plans to move

Brad Fillatre – “As I Burn”
Maddy moves out of her mom’s house

Houses – “Big Light”
End Montage


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