Music From 16 and Pregnant: *Season 5 Finale*

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Mree


Mree – “Lullaby”
Savannah talks to her mom about getting sober

Faces on Film – “Percy”
Stone hangs out with his friend Robbie

Jason Phelps – “Reaching Out”
Savannah hangs out in her room with her friends

Holley Maher – “Whispering Words”
Savannah can’t find her mom

The Howls – “All”
Savannah and Stone talk about naming the baby

Trouble with Templeton – “You Are Now”
Savannah gives birth

We Are the Storm – “Western Wall”
Savannah and her mother change the baby’s diaper

Colorfeels – “Unplanned Holiday”
Savannah’s friend talks to Savannah mom on the porch

Little Sur – “Heartbeat Cycles”
Savannah talks to Stone about her mother’s alcoholism

FURS – “Gone”
Wrap up montage


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