Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 7

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Matthew Mayfield


Bonfire – “Beginnings & Ends”
Aleeha talks to her parents about wanting to give her child the best chance at a great life

New Empire – “Outshine the Brightest”
Aleeha gives birth

Amy Stroup – “Hold Onto Hope Love”
Aleeha brings her baby home

Matthew Mayfield – “Carry You, Carry Me”
Aleeha gets into a fight with her boyfriend

We Are the Storm – “Bermuda”
Aleeha sleeps alone

Moonlit Sailor – “Sworn to Secrecy”
Aleeha leaves after getting into a fight with her boyfriend

Aidan Hawken & Carina Round – “Walking Blind”
End montage

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