Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 5

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Measure


Papermoons – “Cold Dark Moon”
Summer drives to her mother’s house

The Breakups – “Trust”
Act Opening: Summer backs into the trashcans

Blue Boats – “Fresh Sky”
Summer talks to her sisters in the nail salon

The House on Monterey – “Here We Are”
Summer calls her boyfriend and tells him about her mom being high

Wesley Jensen – “San Francisco”
Summer and her boyfriend go pick up a crib

The Native Sibling – “Here With Me”
Summer goes into labor

Nathan Mathes – “The Shift Into the Side”
Summer’s mother is charged with forgery

Measure – “Down Easy”
Summer goes to eat and talk with her sisters

Shelley O’Brien – “Set of Keys”
Summer and her boyfriend talk to Summer’s mom

Ian Love – “Wasteful”
End of episode

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