Music From 16 And Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 4

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Dave Thomas Junior


Covenhoven – “Missing Parts”
Maurice tells his family that he wants to make his relationship with Arianna work

Fevers – “Goodnight”
Arianna gets ready for prom

The Static Jacks – “I’ll Come Back”
Arianna leaves for prom

All the Bright Lights – “Versus the Dark”
Arianna talks to Maurice about getting a job

Tim Cullen – “Sunrise”
Arianna has a babyshower 

Seagull – “Original Shape”
Arianna goes into labor

Matt Tinsley – “Where You Are”
Arianna gives birth

JF Robitalle – “Saint Catherine”
Arianna and Maurice hang out with there

Ha Ha Tonka – “So Quiet They’re Loud”
Arianna and her baby, Aiden, go home from the hospital

We Are the Storm – “Western Wall”
Arianna is woken up in the middle of the night by Aiden

Nik Freitas – “The Colorado”
Maurice gets a job, and comes to see Aiden and drop off baby stuff

Bonfires – “Headlines”
Arianna has lunch with a friend

Dave Thomas Junior – “Stepping Stones”
End Montage

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