Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 3

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: General Ghost

gen ghost

The Static Jacks – “Katie Said”
We are introduced to Millina and her family

Lights & Motion – “Sparks”
Millina and Trevor talk about how they are going to provide for their baby

Solander – “The Woods are Gone”
Act open: Millina talks to her grandmother about what they are going to do when the baby comes

Tan Vampires – “Into the West”
Millina meets up with Trevor to talk about the future with the baby

Maps for Sleep – “Believe”
Millina talks to her dad about who should be allowed around the baby

Seagull – “Unclaimed Luggage”
Trevor and Millina talk about Trevor’s mom and Millina sitting down together to talk

Measure – “Run”
Millina goes to the hospital

Lights & Motion – “We are Ghosts”
Millina gives birth

Trent Dabbs – “Take it All In”
Montage: Everyone holds the baby

Death and a Cure – “Rush”
Millina gets off the phone with her mom and sets up the crib

Our Griffins – “My Cousin, All Grown Up”
Millina says she feels like everyone is ganging up on her

General Ghost – “I Need My People”
End Montage

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