Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 2

16 and Pregnant

Featured Artist: Verskotzi


The Native Sibling – “Darkest of Night Skies”
Dustin tells Autumn that he’s not going to party as much anymore

Kris Orlowski - “Carolina”
Liz talks to Autumn about having a baby

Andre Rodriguez - “To the Death”
Dustin and Autumn try to put together a crib

Quintero Hill – “In the Blood”
Autumn gets a drug text kit for Dustin

Adam Faucett - “Rock Ain’t Gold”
Dustin gets his drug test results

Nathan Mathes - “Your Love Will Set Me Right”
Autumn goes into labor

Death Ships – “Impossible Me”
Autumn and Dustin argue about taking care of the baby

Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton – “Birds of Prey”
Autumn and Dustin argue at a restaurant

Verskotzi - “Diamond Ring”
End montage


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