Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 11

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Jared and the Mill


Ben Rosenbush and the Brighton – “A Wild Hunger”
Courtney, Scott, Courtney’s father, and sister finish dinner

Jason Phelps – “Love Is Never Fair”
Courtney has a sonogram

Jared and the Mill – “Breathe Me In”
Courtney, her sister, and Scott deep fry pickles

New Empire – “Outshine the Brightest”
Courtney gives birth

We Are the Storm – “The Tree By the River”
Courtney and Scott go home from the hospital with Dayton

Federal Lights – “This Would Be A Fine Job to Retire From”
Courtney goes with her parents to meet with Dr. Fok

Denison Witmer – “Right Behind You”
Courtney stays up all night with Dayton

Mree – “Lift Me Up”
Courtney and Scott get into an argument

We Are the Storm – “The War”
Scott leaves the apartment after his argument with Courtney

Daniel Bess – “When I’m with You”
Scott goes over to Courtney’s dad’s house to talk to Courtney about their argument

Garrison Starr & AG – “Home to You”
Wrap up montage


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