Music From 16 and Pregnant: Season 5, Episode 10

16 and Pregnant
Featured Artist: Scars on 45

245412 Scars on 45  CREDIT Steve Gullick - Atlantic Records - WMGJUL2011

The Dimes – “Catch me Jumping”
Savon wakes up and goes to school for the last day

Ben Rosenbush & the Brighton – “West”
Savon talks to her friend on the porch

General Ghost – “Best Year”
Savon has a baby shower

Crosstide – “I Feel Like a Polar Bear”
Savon goes bowling

A Minor Swoon – “Seventeen”
Savon gives birth

Amy Stroup – “Quiet”
Savon and her family hang out in the hospital and meet the baby

Death and a Cure – “Blue Talk”
Savon breaks up with her boyfriend

Ourlives – “We Lost the Race”
Savon stays up late with her baby

Scars on 45 – “The Beautiful Days Attack”
End montage


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