Music from 16 and Pregnant Season 4 Premiere

(Featured Artist: Jack Dolgen)

16 and Pregnant  – Airdate: March 27, 2012

Ratham Stone – Dancin In a Rainstorm

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh drive back from the carnival)

Ohbijou – Iron and Ore

(scene: Mackenzie and her mom talk about what life for Mackenzie will be like)

Jack Dolgen – Maybe You’re Ok When I’m Gone

(scene: Mackenzie calls to inquire about job openings)

Frankel – Sugar Twists

(scene: Mackenzie and her dad recycle cans for money)

Ashtree – Breakdown

(scene: Mackenzie calls Josh while he is getting ready to go to the rodeo)

Tim Cullen – This Time

(scene: Mackenzie gets home from school)

Kyle James Hauser – Peter and Gladys

(scene: Mackenzie goes to the hospital to give birth)

Morgan Taylor Reid – Brighter

(scene: Mackenzie gives birth to Gannon)

The Workday Release – Simple Distance

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh attend to crying Gannon)

Andy Davis – Heartbreak Yellow

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh go to the rodeo with their friends)

The O’s – Tryin to Have a Good Time

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh leave the rodeo after Josh tells them he wants to ride)

Broken Cities – The Everything

(scene: Mackenzie calls Josh to try to get him to stop riding bulls)

All the Bright Lights – Waiting on a Child

(scene: Mackenzie talks about how lucky they are to have their parents there to help them)

Cardia – Fear Inside

(scene: Closing of Show)


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