Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 8 Season 4


 Featured Artist: John Ralston

16 and Pregnant – Airdate: May 8, 2012

Steve Emerson– Understanding

(scene: Hope and her boyfriend talk about their relationship)

Joanna De Seyne – Almost 2

(scene: Hope and her mom leave the doctor’s office)

Peter Bradley Adams – Emily’s Rain

(scene: Hope brings ultrasound pictures over to her boyfriend’s house)

Kurt Von Stetten – Pangaea!

(scene: Hope’s boyfriend meets Hope’s mother)

Wolftron – Happiness

(scene: Hope goes with her friend to get their nails done)

John Ralston – Solitude and Vine

(scene: Hope goes baby shopping with her boyfriend)

Jen Crowe – Baby of Mine

(scene: Hope is told by her doctor that she will be induced in one week)

Benj Heard – Love Is Here

(scene: Hope gives birth)

Bubba Kadane – Great Recovery

(scene: Hope visits her friend at school)

Greg Suran – Capitol Hill

(scene: End sequence)


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