Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 9 & 10 Season 4

Featured Artist: Balance Problems

16 and Pregnant – Airdate: May 14, 2012


Dark Brown – Absorbed

(scene: Sarah and her boyfriend, Blake go fishing)

Ashtree – Hold Me Slow

(scene: Blake goes to hang out with his friends instead of picking up a crib for the baby)

Scattered Trees – Most Beautiful

(scene: Sarah and Blake argue about him leaving)

Dylan Champion – Scarlet Sunset

(scene: Sarah and Blake go hang out together)

Balance Problems – Digger’s Camp

(scene: Blake takes Sarah and her mom to Sarah’s check up)

16 Frames – I Should Know

(scene: Blake comes home from work and goes to sleep)

Shane Gamble – Wish

(scene: Sarah’s friend comes to visit)

Andrew Belle – Signs of Life

(scene: Sarah lays in bed while feeding the baby)

Shane Alexander – The Moore Hotel

(scene: Blake and his boss talk about his baby)

Peter Bradley Adams – Between Us

(scene: Sarah talks to her mom in the dining room while feeding the baby)

Barrett Johnson – Violets

(Show Close)



The Key – Without You

(scene: Sabrina talks to her boyfriend about saving money)

Matt Kabus – Picture Frame

(scene: Sabrina goes baby shopping with her mother and sister)

Sebastian Robertson – A Slip In Time

(scene: Sabrina gets gelatos with her friends and has a fight with her boyfriend over the phone)

Sean McCue – Big Ideas

(scene: Sabrina and her friends paint ceramics)

Tobias – Sundown

(scene: Sabrina goes to the hospital and is told she is showing signs of preeclampsyia)

Automatic Empire – Our Veloctiy

(scene: Sabrina receives an IV injection of Pitocin)

Andy Davis – Solution to Run

(scene: Sabrina’s baby)

Joe Kennedy – Underwater

(scene: Iman goes to Tennessee)

Bubba Kadane – Andro

(Iman arrives at Sabrina’s house)

The Workday Release – Love In a Box

(scene: Iman changes the baby’s diaper and gets the formula ready)

Holiday Parade – She Came Around

(scene: Sabrina cries to her mother about Rebecca dropping out of school)

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