Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 7 Season 4

 Featured Artist: Ashtree

16 and PregnantAirdate: May 1, 2012

Cathy – The Numbers

(scene: Myranda and her boyfriend talk about how they met)

The Young Romans – Lemon Trees

(scene: Myranda talks about her mother’s sobriety)

Dark Brown – Snowmelt

(scene: Myranda complains about Eric’s grandmother not letting them live at her house)

Ashtree – Rescue the Light

(scene: Myrand goes shopping for baby stuff with her boyfriend and his grandmother)

Rayland Baxter – Marjoria

(scene: Myranda and her grandmother talk about getting Myranda’s house ready before the baby comes)

Joe Kennedy – Afterthougts

(scene: Myranda arrives at her baby shower)

Dave Thomas Junior – All I Need

(scene: Myranda gives birth)

Hearts and Daggers – Sweet Oblivion

(scene: Myranda and her boyfriend go out to dinner)


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