Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 6 Season 4

(Featured Artist: Amy Stroup)

16 and PregnantAirdate: April 24, 2012

Dylan Champion – Celeste In Love

(scene: Jordan wakes up at Tyler’s house)

Joanna De Seyne – Jobe

(scene: Jordan and Tyler talk about Jordan’s mother)

Apple Horse – Baby Love

(scene: Tyler’s parent surprise them with a bassinet)

Bronze Radio Return – Sticks and Stones

(scene: Jordan comes how to a surprise baby shower)

Sebastian Robertson – Forever Now

(scene: Jordan has a fight with her mother)

Pisces – Voodoo

(scene: Jordan and Tyler get the crib back from Jordan’s mother’s house)

Amy Stroup – Hold Onto Hope Love

(Jordan and Tyler return to Tyler’s house with the crib)

Brett Caswell – A Friend in Need

(scene: Tyler goes over to Jordan’s house to meet with her mother)

16 Frames – Why Listen

(scene: Tyler goes to Jordan’s house and they talk about him being so distant)


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