Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 5 Season 4

(Featured Artist: The Static Jacks)

16 and PregnantAirdate: April 17, 2012

Thom Flowers – Runner

(scene: Opening Montage)

Balance Problems – Primemover

(scene: Alex and Matt talk about how fast things seem to be happening)

The Static Age – In the City of Wandering Lights

(scene: Alex eats and talks about her baby with her brother and sister)

Billy the Kid and the Southside Boys – Alison

(scene: Alex and her friend go and look at baby clothes)

The Static Jacks – Ink

(scene: Alex plays miniture golf with her friends)

Shane Gamble – Break Your Fall

(scene: Alex plays miniature golf with her friends)

Brandon Sheer – Somebody Else

(scene: Alex and Matt argue about keeping the baby)

Bronze Radio Return – Wonder No More

(scene: Alex sleeps at her friend Briana’s house)

Frontiers – Poor Souls

(scene: Alex goes to the hospital)

Shane Alexander – Find the Light

(scene: Alex and Matt hang out in the hospital after Alex gives birth)

Peter Bradley Adams – Between Us

(scene: Alex, her mother, and Briana’s parents talk about adoption)

Emile Millar – The Optimist

(scene: Alex moves into her new place)

Apple Horse – Devil’s Land

(scene: Matt comes over to help Alex with the baby)

Cathy – What Do You Want Me to Say

(scene: Alex talks to her mom about school)

Belize – Come Tomorrow

(scene: Alex talks to her mom about Matt)


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