Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 4 Season 4

(Featured Artist: Tape the Radio)

16 and PregnantAirdate: April 10, 2012

Tape the Radio – Our Love Is a Broken Heart

(scene: Introduction Montage)

The Dunes – Setting In

(scene: Lindsey and her boyfriend talk about having a baby)

Mates of State – At Least I Have You

(scene: Lindsey gets ready to go to a cage match)

A Common Year – Used to This

(scene: Lindsey finishes cleaning dishes)

Ashtree – Breakdown

(scene: Lindsey and her boyfriend go to a restaurant to eat)

Ratham Stone – My Side

(scene: Lindsey goes to the hospital after feeling contractions)

Michele Jusko – Flawed

(scene: Lindsey tells her mom she is going to move in with her boyfriend)

Peter Bradley Adams  – Little Stranger

(scene: Lindsey gives birth to her baby, Austin)

The Workday Release – Simple Distance

(scene: Forest holds Austin while he talks to Lindsey her going back to cage fighting)

Amy Stroup – Backed Into the Corner

(scene: Ending montage)


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