Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 3 Season 4

(Featured Artist: 16 Frames)

16 and PregnantAirdate: April 3, 2012

Ratham Stone – Lost

(scene: Briana talks to her friend about getting pregnant)

Belize – Come Tomorrow

(scene: Briana talks with her friends in her room)

Balance Problems – Iowa

(scene: Briana finishes her conversation with her friends and talks about naming her baby)

Parade of Lights – I’ll Never Let You Go

(scene: Briana’s and her mother talk about naming the baby Nova)

Marc Robillard – Night

(scene: Briana has a sonogram)

Dave Thomas Junior – There You Were

(scene: Briana gives birth to Nova)

Shane Gamble – Rodney Drive

(scene: Briana cries while her sister burps Nova)

Frankel – Safe Cracking

(scene: Briana and her mother sit and talk in the school cafeteria)

16 Frames – Historical

(scene: Briana and her mother drive talk in the car about Briana’s expectations of what being a mother was going to be)

Standfast – After Midnight

(scene: Briana and her sister talk after Briana gets stood up by Devoine)


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