Music from 16 and Pregnant Episode 2 Season 4

(Featured Artist: Belize)

16 and PregnantAirdate: March 27, 2012

Tim Cullen  – Distance

(scene: Introduction to Katie)

Strands of Oaks – Kill Dragon

(scene: Katie’s mom tells her what she is in store for)

AM  – Temporary One

(scene: Katie has a girl’s night with her friends)

Cathy – Sleep for Me

(scene: Katie and the girls leave for prom)

Jack Dolgen – Baby I’m Afraid Tonight

(scene: Katie goes to a restaurant with her friends after prom)

16 Frames – Darleen

(scene: Katie and her boyfriend apply for housing assistance)

Pisces – Being with You

(scene: Katie and her boyfriend get into a fight while looking at apartments)

Desert Noises – Smoke Breathing Monsters

(scene: Katie talks on the phone with her friend)

Belize – Surge

(scene: Katie is in labor)

Frankel – Think Carefully

(scene: Katie gives birth to Molli J)

Tim Cullen – At the Fair

(scene: Joey leaves for work while Katie takes care of the baby)


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