Music from “Wait ‘Til Next Year”

Wait 'Til Next Year

Everybody loves an “underdog” story and when it comes to “underdogs,” The Lincoln Park Railsplitters own that title better than any high school in the state of Michigan. They’ve lost 43 games in a row – a five-year losing streak – and they’re just 5 losses away from owning the worst losing streak in state history. At the same time, fans heckle the school’s cheerleaders for being clumsy and forgetful.

This year, the kids from Lincoln Park are on a mission to do what nobody thinks they can: win.

This weekly docu-dramedy follows one season of Lincoln Park football as its players, cheerleaders, parents and fans embark on a journey to turn their lives around. From dating relationships and struggles fitting in to losing weight and family drama, they deal with the growing pains of high school while uniting first as friends, then as a team, and finally as a whole school hoping to start new legacy at Lincoln Park.

Listen to our playlist of the music from this season of “Wait ‘Til Next Year!” GO RAILSPLITTERS!

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