Music from Teen Mom 3: Episode 12

Teen Mom 3

Featured Artist: Lovedrug


Tim CullenFace
Theme Song

FeversThe Rapture
Scene: Alex goes to lunch with her sister and her friend, and they talk about Matt.

Black Swan RunnersFf Ff Fire
Scene: Briana talks to Jacob on the phone.

LovedrugYour Country
Scene: Mackenzie goes to cheer practice.

The Coral SeaLake and Ocean
Scene: Mackenzie’s parents talk to her sister about her.

GreycoatsPrometheus, Glow!
Scene: Alex sends a text to Matt to see if he would like to meet the day after Arabella’s birthday party.

We Shot The MoonBlind
Scene: Alex paints pottery with her friend.

The PerishersAll Over Now
Scene: Katie and Joey get into a fight.

Kami Rae: Going Sky High
Scene: Briana does her homework.

Hurricane BellsStart Over
Scene: Alex calls her friend.

The ForecastClear Eyes, Full Heart
Scene: Joey rides his ATV.

Dream BrotherIsland
Scene: Alex catches up with her online school work.

The VacationsA Better Place
Scene: Mackenzie and Josh play with her Gannon at the park.

The FierosGet Back
Scene: Katie goes to her friend’s house.

The Rassle: Celebrate the Days
Scene: Katie hangs out with her friends and roast marshmallows.

Bedroom Eyes: Motorcycle Daydream
Scene: Briana goes out on a date with Jacob.

Scene: Briana’s date with Jacob ends.

Jack DolgenParadise
Scene: Mackenzie and her family leave to go to the lake.

See the WorldHaunted
Scene: Katie talks to her friend about Joey.

The SeamsThe End
Scene: Mackenzie hangs out at the lake with her family and Josh.

Scene: The trip to the lake is ending.

A Day to RememberIf it Means A Lot to You
Closing montage.

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