Music from Awkward: Season 3, Episode 13


Featured Artist: Nico Vega

Nico Vega

The Deer TracksRam Ram
Scene: Jenna blogs about what she’s been trying since she broke up with Matty.

CultsWe’ve Got It
Scene: Tamara and Ming hang out in Jenna’s room and talk about Matty.

Emily Wells 
Scene: Jenna reiterates to Matty that they’re broken up.

Emm GrynerA Good Day
Scene: Austin flirts with Sadie; Jake, Tamara and Matty talk about going to the BBQ.

Imperial MammothYou Wake Me Up
Scene: Jenna and Collin kiss and Kevin intimidates Collin.

Scene: Val and Lacey talk at the BBQ.

Pocketknife: Space Invaders
Scene: Jake and Tamara fight.

WidowspeakThe Dark Age
Scene: Jenna talks to Collin about why her friends aren’t supportive.

Scene: Jenna fights with Ming and Tamara.

Nightmare AirEyes
Scene: Jenna un-friends the girls.

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