Music from Awkward: Season 3, Episode 11


Featured Artist: Frances Cone

Frances Cone

Daily BreadLoverst
Scene: Jenna marches to Collin, gets in his truck, tells him they have to stop.

Robert DelongHappy
Scene: Flashbacks of Lacey ruining Jenna’s surprise parties.

GenerationalsSay When
Scene: Ming, bored, uses her new found powers to see Fred.

Lasse Boman: Long Long Summer
Scene: Jenna blogs about her obsession with Colin.

Frances ConeRattles Your Heart
Scene: At her locker, Jenna gets a birthday gift from Matty.

All SmilesSorta in the Past
Scene: Jenna leaves a message for Tamra; Collin shows up at her door.

Beginners: If That’s Not Enough
Scene: Collin gives Jenna a present at her door; they end up making out.

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