MTV Special – Life Continued: Defeating Depression

Life Continued: Defeating Depression

Featured Artist: Demi Lovato

Show Promo


We the CommitteeMunich

Jake TrothMaterial Things

The Nick Tree BandWonderland

We the CommitteeMonsters

Johnny AstroAll Yours

Broken AnchorLeave the Light On

The Diamond LightGuilty Brother

Deserted Coastal PropertyNo Remorse

BranchesHonour for Shame


Inspired And The SleepSpar Helm

Of VeronaUnique In It’s Madness

Deserted Coastal PropertyWritings on the Wall

DrooomBirds of Paradise

TheftLike the Weather

Tan VampiresI Can Hear Them In The Dark

LullatoneA Runaway Kite

RobotanistsGetting By

The Royal ConceptOn Our Way

We The CommitteeChristine (Part II)

Stephanie MabeySurrender

Johnny AstroSky Dreams

We The CommitteeMonsters

Sarah Virginia: Song for Sarah

Demi LovatoWarrior

George ByrneSail

All SmilesBuild A House

The Royal ConceptIn The End

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