Jersey Shore: Episode 2 Music, Season 4

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Jersey Shore – Airdate: August 11, 2011

Analogue Revolution – Gimme What I Want

(Show Opens)

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Bobble Head – RoBoDic

(scene: Pauly D and Deana hooking up at the club)

Nycole Valentina – Boom

(scene: Pauly D and Deana making out at the club)

Liviu Hodor Feat. Tara – Happy For You

(scene: Dancing at the club and Pauly D and Snookie talking about Deana)

Nycole Valentina – Shut Him Down

(scene: Guys in the cab talking about hooking up)

Suddyn – In Flagrante Delicto

(scene: Ronnie on the phone making plans with his girl back home)

The New F-O’s – Be The One

(scene: Drunk Deana looking for a spoon)

Hogni – Big Personality

(scene: Mike and Snookie out on the porch talking about their relationships)

Kopek – Bigger Than Us All

(scene: Vinny answering the phone and talking to their new boss)

Just Kait – Goodbye Go Go

(scene: Transition to night)

Designer Drugs – Riot

(scene: The gang getting ready to go out for the night. Transition to the club)

Atlantic Connection – Party Girls

(scene: Club Montage)

Alex Cohen – Mandilon

(scene: The guys doing shots and dancing)

Wallpaper. – #Stupidfacedd (WALLPAPER. REMiX)

(scene: Dancing in the club and Ronnie is really drunk)

The Mansion Boys – Slurren

(scene: Mike talking to the girl he met in the club)

Ocha La Rocha – The Beach

(scene: The gang arriving back at the house)

Anomie Belle – How Can I Be Sure

(scene: Mike and Snookie out on the porch talking about their relationship)

Kate Crash – Sawago

(scene: The gang walking around the city and transition back to the house to get in the hot tub)

The Jean Marie – Bombs

(scene: Mike trying to get in bed and cuddle with Deana)

Ghosthouse – Rx Music

(scene: Getting ready for the club)

Ginger Sling – The Hard Road

(scene: Pauly D and Deana hanging out while everyone goes to bed)

Menew – Don’t Give Up On Us Now

(scene: Don’t Give Up On Us Now)

Heavy Young Heathens – Bad Blood

(scene: Next Time on Jersey Shore)

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