Music from Jersey Shore Episode 3, Season 4

(artist: National Skyline – photo by: Liberty Grammer)

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Jersey Shore: Airdate: August 18, 2011

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Dandylion Warpaint – Déjà vu

(scene: Mike calls a cab in the morning for the girl from the club)

Atlantic Line – The Muscle & Charm

(scene: Vinny and Pauly play foosball)

Kopek – Bring It On Home

(scene: The cast heads to the club)

Phive – Politics & Fashion feat. K.O. Kid

(scene: Mike meets the twins)

The Narrative – The Moment That It Stops

(scene: The cast heads home from the club)

Immune – My Silent Choir

(Act out)

Marc Robillard – Blown Away

(scene: Ron and Sam get back together)

National Skyline – Act Like We Do

(scene: Ron and Sam return to the house)

Pance Party – Mumble

(scene: The cast heads to the club)

Aitan – Top Of The World

(scene: The cast takes center stage at the club)

Kate Crash – Generation Of The Bored

(scene: The twins head home home with the cast)

Immune – I’d Rather Die

(scene: Snooki and Mike fight)

Heavy Young Heathens – Hand Me Downs

(Act in)

Hogni – Big Personality

(scene: The cast goes to sleep)

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