Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Rejoice and love Mother Monster today because baby, she was born this day!!!


That’s right. Pick up the telephone, call the paparazzi and prepare to be starstruck for MTV’s special birthday shout-out to the woman who leaves us all speechless!

Happy birthday, Lady Gaga!

Your fans here at MTV Soundtrack hope that today you let down your hair and do what u want (with your bodayyy)!

MTV fans- you and I both know we’ve been caught in Gaga’s bad romance since she changed pop music forever with her hit single “Just Dance” and stunned us with her iconic “Poker Face” video. As this gypsy continues to live on the edge of glory, the applause is only getting louder.


Gaga Stripped Down 

Gagapedia: an in-depth knowledge of Mother Monster


You are an inspiration and an icon, Gaga. MTV soundtrack loves you and wishes you the very best 28th birthday!

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