Music From Generation Cryo: Episode 5

Generation Cryo

Featured Artist: Hunter Hunted


Wild Myth – “You Belong Here”

The Static Jacks – “Wallflower”
Sherry drives Bree and her half siblings

Night Riots – “Remedy”
Sherry talks about what she would say if she met the sperm donor

Hunter Hunted – “Keep Together”
All of the half siblings and their families have a BBQ

The Rocketboys – “Carry Me”
The half siblings and their parents talk about how they feel about meeting the donor

Vacationer – “Dreamlike”
Montage of Bree and her half siblings rafting

Chelsea Wolfe – “The Waves Have Come”
Jayme and Hilit receive a call from the cryobank with information about the biological father

Houses – “The Beauty Surrounds (D33J Reemix)”
Jayme and Hilit talk about how they feel, given the news about their biological father

Dave Thomas – “Broken and Perfect”
Jonah and Hilit’s parents talk about the donor father

Pillar Point – “Echoes”
Scene open: Jayme shares the news about the donor father with the other half siblings and their families

Alice and the Glass Lake – “Coming Down”
Scene ends: Bree runs into the lake after hearing the news

Tycho “Adrift”
Bree and her mother talk about the news about the donor father

Houses – “Big Light”
Scene open: Bree records a video diary and reads the email from her donor father

Volcano Choir – “Byegone”
End Montage


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