EXCLUSIVE: Soren Bryce’s “Forever’s Not Enough” from the Finding Carter Season 2b Premiere

Finding Carter
Soren Bryce: “Forever’s Not Enough”


The music in the season 2b premiere of Finding Carter on Tuesday, October 6 kicked-off with a bang, and one artist’s song definitely caught our attention (and we think yours too). It was the unreleased song “Forever’s Not Enough” by Soren Bryce that played at the end of the premiere when a whole lot of sh*t went down: David shows up at Lori’s. Carter applies for the server job. Ben takes out stacks of 100s and credit cards from his backpack. David walks away from Lori’s apartment.

Now Soren’s song wasn’t supposed to be released for months, but since y’all loved it so much, we’re releasing the track exclusively for you for a limited time only! If you purchase Soren’s Self-Title EP here, you will get to download “Forever’s Not Enough” for FREE. Pretty sweet right? This is the only place you can get the “Forever’s Not Enough” single – and you better hurry because this will only be available for two weeks (until October 23)!

Btw, her EP was produced by David Kahne who has also worked with Lana Del Rey and Ingrid Michaelson. You won’t be disappointed, we promise 🙂

If you’re interested in catching Soren Bryce perform live, she starts her West Coast tour with Mr. Little Jeans on November 7 (dates below)

11.7       Constellation Room             Santa Ana, CA
11.10      Media Club                            Vancouver, BC
11.11      The Crocodile                        Seattle, WA
11.12      Star Theatre                          Portland, OR
11.13      Rickshaw                               San Francisco, CA
11.19      Club Congress                      Tucson, AZ
11.20      Valley Bar                             Phoenix, AZ
11.21      Soda Bar                               San Diego, CA
11.22      El Rey Theatre                     Los Angeles, CA

That’s it for now! We are loving Soren Bryce and we hope you do too!

P.S. Don’t miss more awesome music in Finding Carter Tuesday night’s on MTV @ 10/9c

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