Check Out Our New MTV Artist App!

MTV Artist App


Are you sick of jumping from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook just to find out the latest & greatest from your favorite artists? Sick of hearing catchy new songs & not being able to find the title or artist?

Well, fret no more, music lovers! Now, with the brand new MTV Artists app, all of these problems are solved! This multi-faceted app is able to identify songs and provide you with the album, artist info and more.

By going to an artist’s page, you can have immediate access to all of the artist’s bios, social media pages, backstage video messages, first listens to unreleased albums, live performance videos, and more. As if that’s not enough, the MTV Artists app will also provide you with recommendations of artists similar to your favorites! With over a million artist pages, you are bound to learn more about your favorite artists and discover new ones as well. To download the easy-to-use MTV Artists app, go to the app store or type into your mobile browser. Happy browsing music lovers!

-Content created by Rebekah Wood + Hina Khan