Best Of Music From Real World: Ex-plosion


The music supervisor behind Real World: Ex-Plosion put together a very special re-cap of some of this season’s BEST music moments to take you on an Explosive walk down memory-lane. Join us in looking back at some of our favorite moments while we go through the song-by-scene playlist below.

Episode 1

  • Cash Cash – “Take me Home”
  • The roommates head to SF and see the Real World House for the first time
  • Findlay – “Greasy Love”
  • The roommates go out for their first night in SF, and things get WILD!

Episode 2

  • Hellogoodbye – “Everything is Debatable”
  • Jamie finally makes a move on Thomas (after a lot of sexual tension has built up), and they kiss. The best part is that neither of them saw it coming

Episode 3

  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Life is Hard”
  • Jay goes home to the Bronx for his mother’s funeral. This song plays when he and his family + friends toast to her memory.

Episode 4

  • AER – “Like The Way”
  • The roommates go to an erotic dinner and have A LOT of fun… between Ashley and and Arielle making out in the bathroom, and Thomas focusing more on the food, we saw a lot of the roommate’s “true (and crazy) colors”.
  • For the Foxes – “Son of A Gun”
  • The original roommates enjoy their trip to lake Shasta… Meanwhile, the exes are moving in!!!

Episode 5

  • Finish Ticket – “Tranquilize”
  • The morning after the first night with the exes in the house. There was a lot of emotions and tension in the air.
  • Haim – “The Wire”
  • The roommates and exes head to Golden Gate park for their first day out as “one happy family”. This song captures those awkward feelings you can have in relationships (or when dealing with ex relationships).

Episode 6

  • Davis Fetter – “Is it Easy to Be Young”
  • Tom breaks up with Jamie in hopes to saving his relationship with Hailey and Jamie… His plan backfired, as both girls turned against him.
  • Asking Alexandria – “Death of Me (rock mix)”
  • Thomas and Jamie fight after the break-up earlier in the day. You can’t help but think it has something to do with Hailey.
  • Timeflies – “Ex Games”
  • Cory and Lauren give-in to the chemistry and hook up, even though they know it’s a bad idea

Episode 9

  • We the Wild – “Float” (free download here)
  • Hailey calls her mom, heartbroken, after her big fight with Thomas. We realize Hailey, who’s been a little crazy, has reached a breaking point. This song rides the perfect line of ernest emotion for this scene.

Episode 11

  • We The Wild – “You Lost My Mind”
  • Jenny and Cory shoot scenes for Arielle’s movie, while Brian watches (jealously). He’s obviously wondering if they still have something going on.
  • New Beat Fund – “Beware of Phony Disco”
  • The roommates leave the spa in Napa, a little drunk, and party on the bus (despite it being a classier setting).
  • My Digital Enemy – “Shamen”
  • The roommates go out without Jenny. Cory watches as Brian talks to a “groupie”, which is what ignites their fight in the van (later)

Episode 12

  • Fish From Japan – “Carry On” (free download)
  • The original roommates to go brunch on their last day and reflect on how they’ve changed this season, thanks (in part) to the exes joining them
  • Wild Party – “Life’s Too Short”
  • The roommates go sailing on their last day. Most of them don’t know what to expect after the show ends.
  • Night Verses – “Yours”
  • Brian has to leave the house after he loses control. It’s clear his relationship with Jenny is over.
  • The Chain Gang of 1974 – “You”
  • Cory and Jenny are the last two roommates in the house and give their last confession about their relationship– just so happens to be where it all began with “bear sex”

Episode 12 BONUS podbuster

  • The Chainsmokers – “#SELFIE” (free downloads)
  • Showcase of all the selfie posts from the cast and others, throughout the season. This was the first time the roommates had cell phones, and boy did they take a lot of pictures (selfies included). It was too perfect to resist!

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