Album Review and Interview with Bombs and Bottles

(artist: Bombs and Bottles)


+ Bombs and Bottles Album “EP” Review:

Sleek, sexy, and dark, Bombs and Bottles EP ‘Tonight’ sets the mood track-by-track.  Bombs and Bottles, also known as Harrison Zafrin, has put together a cohesive set of songs that paint a picture of a night on the town; from getting ready (“PreGame”) all the way to the end of the night (“When The Lights Go Out”).  Utilizing a myriad of electronic sounds, Bombs and Bottles has created the soundtrack to your Saturday night.

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+ Bombs and Bottles Interview:

ST: How would you describe your music?  Do you think you fit into a genre?

BB: When I create my records I leave room for experimenting with different sounds. My music is always evolving from record to record. I start with a base electronic sound and incorporate elements of many sub genres. This provides me with the freedom to create something new, unheard and different.

ST: What did MTV mean to you when you were growing up?  What does it mean to you now?

BB: I was raised on MTV.  It was one of my top five most watched channels.  Music videos were and still are something I really enjoy (especially Britney Spears in her short school girl outfit), and I definitely remember trying to catch TRL every day after school.

ST: What artist/band has influenced you the most?

BB: Trent Reznor.  He is a genius beyond mortal men.

ST: f you could work with any artist alive or dead, who would you pick?

BB: I’d love to work with Trent Reznor, but I know creatively that Trent and Bombs and Bottles don’t really mix.   Therefore I’d love to work with another one of my favorites, Jon Gooch (Spor/Feed Me).  The amount of production knowledge I could learn from him is probably endless, and that’s knowledge that I definitely want.

ST: Jersey Shore or Real World?  Why?

BB: Real World.  My mom and I have watched every season including the challenges and I think it just holds high sentimental value with me.  Regardless, I watch my fair share of Snooki and Co.

ST: If you could be known for only one of your songs, which would you choose?

BB: At the current moment that track would be” When The Lights Go Out” from my most recent EP “Tonight”.  That was just one of those songs that when finished, even after listening to it 500 times I could still feel the “newness” of it. Plus, I get a thrill knowing thousands of college kids are banging to my voice daily.

ST: Where can we find your music?

BB: You can find my music on Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, and most importantly my website-

ST: Do you have any upcoming shows/performances?

BB: I recently completed production on the soundtrack for this seasons MARLON GOBEL Autumn / Winter 2012 Runway show during New York Fashion Week. It will premier at the show and be available to my fans shortly after.  I am presently recording more material and preparing for a tour later this year, which will incorporate live performance elements.

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+++ Album Review & Interview by: Ryan Aceto