Music From The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions Episode 4

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions
Featured Artist: Tink


Yellow Claw – Invitation
Nelson & LaToya get better acquainted

Piewackit Quku – Can’t Be Rolled
Amanda and LaToya power through elimination while Sylvia struggles

Apasha, Dabin & Kai Wachi – Kung Fu
Sylvia, LaToya, Anthony, and Nelson head into elimination

Aero Chord – Resistance
The final elimination to earn a ticket to The Oasis begins

Kurro – Aamon
With many steps yet to climb, the rain begins to pour down

H*Wood – The Chase
Nelson races down the stairs back to TJ

Steve Aoki – Back To Earth (feat. Fall Out Boy)
LaToya, Sylvia, and Anthony finish “Thai Rise”

St. Lucia – Dancing On Glass
The Underdogs say goodbye to The Shelter

Zayde Wolf – Top of the World
The Underdogs finally make it to The Oasis

Tink – Wet Dollars (feat. Tazer)
The Oasis swimming pool is christened

Brett Elderedge – Drunk On Your Love
Hunter and Ashley celebrate their first night in The Oasis

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