Music From Real World: Skeletons FINALE

Real World: Skeletons
Featured Artist: Robert DeLong


Theme Song

Robert DeLong – “Long Way Down”
Jason knows he made a mistake ; Tony reflects on his role in the previous night’s drama

Tropic of Pisces – “They Count”
Jason reflects on his actions from the night before

YNGCULT – “Let’s Get It Back”
Jason and the roommates talk with a therapist

Adrienne and Ari – “Laugh About It”
The roommates pack up

Katie Day – “Lower Haight Anthem”
Violette and Sylvia prank Madison

Katy McAllister – “No Safe Way”
Jason says goodbye to his skeleton

Strange Talk – “Morning Sun”
The roommates hang out; their last moments in the house

The Farewell Circuit – “Faces of Friends”
Nicole says goodbye to the roommates (except for one)

PVRIS – “Ghosts”
Madison and Tony look back at their relationship

Porter Robinson – “Lionhearted (ft. Urban Cone)”
The roommates move out and reflect on the season

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