Music From Finding Carter: Season 1, Episode 5

Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Mikky Ekko


Courrier – “Louder”
Max has a new life; he worries about Carter; tells her that he saw Lori.

Heavy English – “21 Flights”
Carter tells Kyle that she has bad memories of him.

Air Traffic Controller – “What You Do To My Soul”
Elizabeth and Carter are about to hit paint ball guns; Carter shoots paint pellets, hitting everything, Elizabeth and Carter get calls.

Bad Actress – “Guide Us Home”
Elizabeth orders Carter to stay in the car; Carter feels trapped, gets out, is affected by what she sees.

Hipjoint feat. Sherry St. Germain – “Goin’ Off”
Carter, Taylor, and Max arrive at Bird’s party.

Danny McCarthy, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry – “Oblivion”
Carter questions Crash about his progress in finding Lori.

Crocodiles – “Cockroach”
The group plays spin-the-bottle; Carter asks Taylor if she has ever played ‘7 minutes in heaven.’

Victorian Halls – “La Di Da”
Taylor’s first kiss is…Ofe. They head to a closet.

The Woodlands – “Until The Day Dims (Heavy Hands Remix)”
They kiss, the group cheers on; Taylor realizes that she likes kissing.

Duquette Johnston – “Heart Is Breaking”
Carter asks Crash to rig the bottle so that Taylor wins every time.

of Verona – “Better With You”
Taylor and Ofe finish kissing; Taylor goes into closet with Gabe.

Tweens – “Rattle + Rollin’”
Taylor pounces on Gabe in the closet.

Annaliese – “Cashmere”
Gabe and Taylor come out; Gabe is disoriented; Bird and Crash start making out–Carter is uneasy.

of Verona – “Unique In Its Madness”
Max and Taylor kiss; Max offers to leave the party with Taylor.

Mikky Ekko – “Feels Like The End”
Carter finds Taylor and Max making out, Grant is talking with Reagan.

Huw Williams – “Shine So Bright”
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