Music from Virgin Territory: Season 1, Episode 2

Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: CHVRCHES


The Pass – “New Shoes”
Mikaela and her friends arrive in Los Angeles, and begin to look for boys.

General Ghost – “Cold Cold Cold”
After a day exploring LA, Mikaela and her friends decide to get matching tattoos.

The Beat Geeks – “Party People”
Kyle meets his crush Tabby at the club, he’s nervous to approach her.

TEAM – “Am I Alive”
Luke celebrates at his sister’s graduation party and looks forward to seeing his crush, Jenni.

Phoenix – “SOS In Bel Air”
Jenni arrives at the graduation party.

Lovedrug – “Pink Champagne”
Kyle asks Tabby out on a date.

Vanbot – “Numb”
Mikaela and her friends have a night out inHollywood.

Phoenix – “The Real Thing”
Luke and Jenni roast marshmellows and talk about life in college.

City and Colour – “The Girl”
Luke walks Jenni to her car.

Chvrches – “Night Sky”
After a fun trip out to Los Angeles, Mikaela and her friends head home.

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